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Connect with industry enthusiasts, technologists and bpo professionals joining a consortium of people with a desire to learn, connect and grow in the ever expanding call center universe.


When we finalized our acquisition of the domain in April of 2015, we had a vision. That vision is to connect call center enthusiasts and allow them to communicate amongst one another over relevant topics that mattered most to their interests and helped solve their problems.

Furthering that vision, we aspire to build and inspire a consortium of industry professionals to interact, share ideas, connect through stories and forge relationships that will enable innovation, and bring new horizons throughout the call center landscape.

The timeline below will guide you through a roadmap of our checkpoints, while we progress forward, we ask you to participate and enjoy our Founder’s blog, industry newsletter content, monthly webinars with industry experts sharing insight and coaching techniques to foster success in your call center environment.

In addition, we’ll be hosting our first annual conference in the Fall of 2016, bringing together top-industry professionals for 2 full days of professional networking!

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What is ? is a brand-new central hub being developed for the Call Center industry. We are currently in pre-launch and excited for what is to come! Stay Tuned...

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