Doing it Right, Part I


Key Factors with Call Center Outsourcing

Call center outsourcing provides a ton of advantages to businesses seeking a cost-effective means of growing their customer base and elevating the customer experience. Benefits include cost savings, on-demand service, and a better customer service experience. When considering call center outsourcing, a company should carefully evaluate potential vendors to ensure they have the scalability, experience and resources to properly respond to the needs of their customers and business requirements.

“A customer should not view their BPO purely as a transaction. We specialize in helping companies take advantage of the intelligence a BPO contact center can provide about their business. It’s critical to understand a client’s business goals first, then design solutions for them to grow! We’ve observed this is possible only with the right tools, processes and – above all else – people.”  – Kyle Hannah, CEO of

This multi-part series will review of the primary features you should look for when evaluating an out-sourced contact center solution.

Key Advantages to Contact Center Outsourcing

Ideally, contact center outsourcing offers businesses the most valuable service (satisfied customers) at an price that they cannot afford to provide in-house. Here are 3 key ways this strategy can help you optimize results for your business:

  1. Cost Reduction: Outsourcing offers a solution for business owners who are unable to establish an in-house contact center for their business due to the high costs of setup and labor.
  2. Increased Access to Services: Using an outsourced vendor provides access to support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers appreciate the ability to speak, email, text or chat with a representative as soon as the need for support arises.
  3. Increased Responsiveness to Customers: In addition to 24/7 service, outsourcing advantages include increased access to resources, such as chat services and bilingual representatives. The ability for customers to communicate with a representative immediately also helps to bolster customer satisfaction and build loyalty.

While the affordability and accessibility of contact center outsourcing is attractive, it is critical to evaluate potential providers before confirming your commitment to a single outsourcing contact center. In Part II we will examine the critical factors that you need to consider, before moving forward and selecting a vendor.

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