Do it Right, Part III

Key Factors with Contact Center Outsourcing

PCI Compliance
PCI compliance is an important consideration for any company that accepts payment by credit or debit card. PCI is shorthand for payment card industry and PCI compliance is further shorthand for saying that an organization/company/service is in compliance with the payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS). This is all very complicated and technical stuff, and it’s beyond the scope of a blog post, but we will lay down a few bullet points to give you an idea of the questions to ask when shopping around for a contact center.  A PCI compliant contact center will:

There are many, many more factors that come into play but contact centers that are PCI compliant recognize the importance of keeping customer information secure because a failure in this area can jeopardize all other aspects of their business. Their compliance illustrates a commitment to reducing the likelihood of identity theft and fraud and this helps to increase trust and retention among clients and their customers.

Quality Control Procedures
A critical element to consider when selecting a contact center is the presence of quality control mechanisms. Your provider should have a system in place that regularly analyzes call recordings and customer satisfaction indicators. There also needs to be procedures in place to improve these metrics in real-time before a mole-hill becomes a mountain.

Enlist the Support of an Expert
We’re not going to end this series by simply tooting the horn; ok, yes we are, but we’d be fools not to, right? Regardless of whether you reach out to us today, or spend a little time shopping around, there’s no doubt that you’ll find outsourcing to be a cost-effective, efficient and common-sense solution for most business needs. This blog series has highlighted what we think are important considerations for most businesses. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but we certainly hope you would consider if you’re in need for such services. We have a whole stable of satisfied customers and would welcome the opportunity to discuss it with you in more detail.